Organizing events means coordinating , creating and producing demonstrations of commercial, cultural, celebration and relational nature.This steadily growing sector has become one of the strategic and operational levers that must be applied to the development of any kind of communication.

Many companies try to reach their target audience by optimizing the use of media information as a printed paper, web and Tv spots.  But all of this, though necessary, sometimes is not enough to satisfy the response of the client even though it involves considerable economic effort.

RoombetEvent has evolved in the last few years by specializing in the organization of events related at Land Based and On-Line Casinos , thus interweaving an important series of relationship with the mayor European Casinos especially with the players, acting as a ring of conjuction between the various accommodation facilities in full respect of dynamics of profitability of the Casino in addition to any kind of requirement that player may need for spend a good stay with the final goal of repeating the same experience.

RoombetEvent take care of all this with passion, organizing and identifying a reference audience, the most suitable location for the event, budget available, artist and show planning, logistics and coordination of all technical and relational aspects finalized at realization.

We take care in detail of :

-Public relationship

-Press and Media relations

-Evaluetion and contact with Testimonial and show characters

-Secure service

-Hostess service most suitable at the event

-Translation service and interpreters for the foreing customers

-Preparations and technical services

-Indoor and outdoor themes preparations (Floral, stages, stand, gazebo, furniture of empy space)

-Rental of technical equipment, audio and video.

-Transfer with all of the transport means.
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